Vocal Health 101

 I’ve found that there are times that I don’t look at my voice as an instrument. I can’t physically see it but it’s also always with me. When you play an instrument you take time to tune it, clean it, and take care of it. This should be the same with our voices. We need to take time to take care of it so that we can produce the best sound from our instrument.

Worship : What's a P-16?

Remember we are not in this for ourselves, we are in it so that others who do not know God can come to Him and for those who do know God, we become the conduit for those to praise and worship Him!

How To Respond To Negative Feedback

In a church that is ever-growing and expanding we need to keep in mind that hiccups are bound to happen. However we should always respond in an appropriate manner. When responding to negative feedback we should keep the following guidelines in mind...

    Introduction to Life Planning

    I recently came across an amazing book that has changed my life and how I plan for the future. Instead of starting at the beginning, I've learned how to start at the end. Who will be at your beside when you die? How are you planning with the end in mind? That's what life planning is all about.


    Are you interested in joining the Vintage Church Staff? We are excited to announce several openings! Follow these simple steps to be considered for an open position

    Jesus + Nothing = Everything

    Several times a year, we gather all of the leaders and members of our church together to celebrate all that God is doing at Vintage. And in these moments, at some point, I always remind us: We’re doing this for Jesus.

    Generosity Transforms

    The Gospel can be summed up in one word: “Generosity”. God was first generous to us, not withholding even His own son. We in turn and as a result of His generosity, share it forward with those around us. 

    Character Over Charisma

    I’ve found that your gifting will open doors for you but only your character will keep you there. It’s tempting at times to rely solely on our talents and abilities as a foundation for our identity. This is a big mistake.

    It’s Brave To Ask For Help

    I remember struggling with whether or not I should go see a counselor for the first time. The truth was, we needed help and we felt stuck in our marriage. As I was praying and asking God what I should do, I felt the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit speak these words to me: